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Interaction among Agents
Interaction Model among Agents

The Interaction Model Among Agents (Modelo de Interacción entre Agentes (MIA) consists on the Agents and Scripts (Interactions) modelling. Agents interact among them exchanging messages (sending or reading them) or accesing the global and regional variables defined in the modeled environment.

An agent is an entity that owes certain purposes that attempt to reach proactively and autonomously. .

The agent modeling is considerinig their purposes, resources, characteristics, the unexpected events that it perceive and the actions used to bypass those events.
The resources are those tangible objects that belong to the agent, for example, money, a car, a house.
The characteristics are those skills and descriptions of the agent, for example, knowHowToPlayChess, knowHowToSwim, brownEyes.

An script (interaction) represents a place where several agents occupy one or more roles that play them.

The actions that an agent carries out belong to the role and lets the agent get resources or acquire characteristics and therefore the agent reaches one or more of its purposes. In the model that we develop, the actions within a role are written using LIA language instructions.

The behavior or the agents is carried out playing the roles from the scripts (interactions). The scripts are defined independently from agents. Agents can play simultaneously several roles whenever exist compatibility among them.

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