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Interaction among Agents

The information presented is based on the material from the project Interaction among Agents under the direction and development of Dr. Adolfo Guzmán Arenas and his colaborators Dr. Jesús Manuel Olivares Ceja and M. en C. María del Carmen Dominguez Ayala at the Research Center for Computing (Centro de Investigación en Computación) of the National Polytechnic Institute (Instituto Politécnico Nacional) in México.

The globalization process aims the interactions among people and machines from different places in the world. Therefore many researchers are devoted to the study and modelling of interactions and agents.

At the Research Center for Computing (Centro de Investigación en Computación) in México out team have started the study of interactions among people, machines and among people and machines. We consider each one as an entity, these entities we are modeling them as agents (no matter if it is a person, animal or machine), and to describe this agents and their behavior we developed a language and their interpreter. They are contained in this web site, please send us your comments and sugestions.

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